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Did you break it?  Hacked?  We can help.

Have you been hacked?

Generally speaking, Joomla as a CMS platform is “safe”. As we see in the news almost daily, there is not a website published that cannot be hacked. The most common reasons your Joomla site was hacked are preventable.
  • Do you have old extensions installed?
  • Are the permissions for your folders and files set correctly?
  • Do you allow users to upload files? If so, you must limit what types of files are allowed.
  • Are you on a cheap, shared webhost?  Sometimes the hackers get in though another site and then get access to all other sites on the server.
  • Where did you get the extensions you have installed? Often times the “baddies” will offer a commercial extension for free because they’ve downloaded it from the original developer, added some nasty code, then given it away for free. Always buy your extensions from the original developer.
  • Easy passwords?  You should never use “admin” as your user name.  You should also require anyone with administrator access to use a secure password. At least one capital letter, a symbol, and a number.

Did you break your website?

One of the best things about Joomla is that you are able to add your own content and update it yourself.  Sometimes things go wrong.  You might have two third-party extensions conflicting with one another. Maybe you applied a one-click update and forgot about a few steps that needed be taken prior.  Now your site is just a blank white page. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.


  • Albert Uster Imports

    Albert Uster Imports

    “Brandalier completed a complex upgrade of a series of mission critical core components of our Joomla web site. Cindy Boatner exceeded expectations in every respect. I heartily recommend her. ”

    John Iwaniec
    Albert Uster Imports

  • Fitness Together

    Fitness Together

    “Brandalier has far exceeded our expectations. After telling Cindy our ideas, we received a custom design website that portrayed our product in the true professional manner it deserved. It looked unlike anything we had seen before.”

    John S
    Fitness Together

  • Christian Bernard

    Christian Bernard

    “I very much like the look of the new site. I found the team at Brandalier very easy to work with, and the results exceeded my expectations. I hope to use them again in the future.”

    Isabelle Fabian
    Christian Bernard

  • Bayer Crop Science

    Bayer Crop Science

    “Great designer, really easy to work with and right on the money with our brief. Thanks for making this process so much fun.”

    Charlie Halpern
    Bayer Crop Sciences

  • Wounded Warrior Project

    Wounded Warrior Project

    “It is a true pleasure dealing with Brandalier. Their technical skills are solid, but it was the customer service that really impressed us. They did a great job revamping out website, and worked through all our requests in an efficient manner.”

    Julie B
    Wounded Warrior Project

  • Shelter Rock Ministries

    Shelter Rock Ministries

    “Again, the website is so beautiful. Thank you again for all the work you have put in so far; please know this will directly effect the lives of so many children. We are very excited to get it finalized and live.”

    Julie B
    Shelter Rock Ministries

  • Barn Light Electric

    Barn Light Electric

    “Thank you so much! You are a hard worker and admire you for this. I Your work was GREAT and thank you for taking us on when I know you really did not have the time. You are certainly worth every penny.”

    Bryan Scott
    Barn Light Electric

  • The Grass Foundation

    The Grass Foundation

    “The Grass Foundation website looks amazing. Felix and everyone who has seen it love what you’ve done with it. Thanks so much!”

    Tiffany C
    The Grass Foundation

  • North Carolina Maritime Museums

    North Carolina Maritime Museums

    “ Cindy took a very challenging RFP with a ton of specifications and pulled it all together very effectively into a clean and elegant design. I would recommend Cindy for any development project, no matter how complicated or demanding. ”

    Sarah Nash
    North Carolina Maritime Museums

  • Northwestern University

    Northwestern University

    “We just cannot say enough good things about the staff of Brandalier. They really went the extra mile for us. The added research and extra work done for our site has really made it stand out. Our client response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to continuing our website relationship with ”

    Stephanie Mann
    Northwestern University

  • Anaheim University

    Anaheim University

    “Brandalier was fantastic to work with! They listened to all of our requests, worked efficiently through several iterations and came up with our winning design.”

    Anthony J
    Anaheim University

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